What Smells Repel Mice

Mice belong to the family of rodents and are usually associated with rats. The truth is that a mouse has a furry body and is smaller than a rat. Moreover, the mouse has many varieties and is omnivorous with good appetites allowing them to eat many times in a single day. It is believed that mice have somehow similar functioning as that of humans and their bodies are alike too.

Smells that Repel Mice

The mouse has a good sniffing sense and this sensitivity makes it easy to find food. However, mice can be a nuisance because they carry germs with them and infectious diseases so people try to keep their houses clean especially from mice. Using mouse traps or poisonous medicines to kill rats is not a healthy solution because it is an ultimate threat to their species. However, certain smells keep them away.

Moth Balls

These are made of cotton and saturated with Naphthalene. Researchers have found that a great amount of Naphthalene can cause liver and nausea-like dizziness among mice. Naphthalene is a strong chemical and so can take the lives of mice. It is preferable to use traditional mothballs soaked with white vinegar that has a strange odor to keep mice outside the home.


Ammonia has a bitter smell that is discharged into the air causing the rats to run away from its fume. Ammonia can even be injected into cotton balls which can be placed near sinks and door entrances to avoid mice.

Chili oil

Chili oil when burnt derives an irritating smoke that prevents the mice from coming neatly. Similarly, chili powder, red pepper flakes can be sprinkled around the house or added with water and sprayed in corners can to abstain mice from entering a home.

Peppermint and Garlic powder

Mice are not lovers of strong and pungent smell or odor. Peppermint contains menthol that can cause a disturbance in their nasal passage and even peppermint oil can cause the same effects. Garlic powder is strong and research has proved that it can annoy mouse. Few garlic cloves can be placed in the house or tied in a paper towel and set in entry points of the house for avoiding mice. Other home remedies like coffee powder, durian, noni fruit, cinnamon powder, and onions can be used to repel mice.

Other Solutions to Repel Mice Naturally

Often, these smells of natural things can deter only small mice to enter the house but there are other products in the market nowadays like Fresh Cab medicine which is made of natural oils and comes in small pouches. Mouse Repellents like granules are natural and effective in controlling mice without killing them. Houses should be kept clean and disinfectants should be sprayed every day with food items placed in sealed jars.


Humans should be kind enough not to kill mice because they are food to many other animals and so crucial parts of the ecological system. Smell and odor should be used to repel them but in a careful way.

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